Primordial® is a fast, adaptable, innovation focused software development company with extensive experience developing products aligned with military needs.  

Primordial develops geo-spatial analysis algorithms to provide increased situational awareness for multi-domain mission planning, including our flagship product Ground Guidance, which is both fielded and combat proven. Our research and development efforts are focused on increasing the situational awareness provided in urban environments, as well as leveraging the developing network of real-time information in order to reduce the cognitive load of the soldiers and/or network orchestrators by providing mission execution recommendations based on changes in critical information used to develop the mission plan, as well as providing valuable information for post-mission analysis.


Primordial has secured more than $14 million in contracts from various United States agencies and private businesses.  In 2013, Primordial was aqcuired by Polaris Industries (NYSE:PII), and currently operates out of the Polaris Bass Creek facility in Plymouth.  Primordial has seven issued and 2 pending patents.