Meet the Team

About Us

What we do:

Primordial's passion is developing quality products based on direct input from our customers.  Many of us have lived our customer's lifestyle and that is our motivation to create products that provide a positive impact in their day to day operations.  Whether the product is a proof of concept prototype or a fully developed program, we have both the drive and the expertise to deliver the results sought. 

How we do it:

The core Primordial team has over 20 years of software engineering experience and our specialty is custom developed geo-spatial analysis.  From our flagship product - GroundGuidance - to other projects, geo-spatial is at the core of what we do; however, it isn't all we do here.  We are well versed in a variety of programming languages, operating systems, and interoperability standards.  Recently, we have stretched our wings into embedded systems and cybersecurity. 

Primordial's management team brings over 20 years of experience listening to the voice of the customer, understanding their perspective, and leading innovation and product development processes to fill critical needs, sometimes unforeseen by the customers themselves.  Well versed in product management and handling government contracts, the management team provides the leadership that enables the team to apply our passion for developing quality, innovative products efficiently and effectively.   

We are all avid riders of Polaris products, and customer reviews have never been so much fun!