Steve Hersman, Manager, Business Development, Polaris Defense

Mr. Hersman's history working in the defense industry has had him engaging with foreign governments as well as working with the likes of the US Department of Defense through TACOM as well as PEOSTRI.

Mr. Hersman is familiar with US Government procurement and has experience with the British MOD as well as the Australian Department of Defense. Mr. Hersman has worked on defense projects with the UK, Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Middle East (Saudi, UAE, Bahrain) and Mexico. He has also worked with both FMS and FMF sales and coordinated with US Embassies around the world to ask for assistance in cultivating products and establishing new business. Mr. Hersman was VP of Sales for Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell and Director of International Sales for Meggitt Training Systems, Inc.

Mr. Hersman has managed Global Distributors/Agents and has built long standing friendships in the defense industry both overseas and domestically. Mr. Hersman has spearheaded complex projects from initial sale to delivery - maintaining profits along the way.

Mr. Hersman has experience in start-up companies and has been a integral part of a successful venture with Nexcom Telcommunications. Under Mr. Hersman's guidance as Director of Carrier Sales and subsequently VP of Sales, Nexcom expanded its wholesale VOIP network from 3 countries in 1999 to 12 countries in by 2002. During this time, revenues increased almost ten-fold. This wholesale division that Mr. Hersman helped build was successfully sold to a publicly traded US telecom operator for a price that was over 30 times the original investment in the company.

Mr. Hersman attended the University of Saint Thomas where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration as well as a Masters of International Management (MIM) degree.

You can reach Mr. Hersman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (763) 525-7753