Ground Guidance to Integrate with Movement Tracking System

Primordial, the leader in off-road route planning and navigation software, will integrate their revolutionary Ground Guidance software into the U.S. Army's Movement Tracking System (MTS) for long-term feasibility analysis.  During the effort, Primordial will tailor Ground Guidance's feature set to meet the unique requirements of MTS users and configure Ground Guidance to run on MTS hardware.

Chief among MTS's many capabilities is an in-vehicle display which depicts friendly forces as icons overlaid on a moving digital map.  Recent upgrades to MTS include an embedded GPS card, radio frequency identification (RFID) interrogator, and 911-style panic button for emergency situations.  Primordial intends to ensure soldiers charged with route planning and navigation have additional state of the art technology at their disposal to further preclude events like the 2003 incident when eleven soldiers from the Army's 507th Maintenance Company were killed in battle after the convoy in which they were traveling made errors in route selection and navigation.

Randy Milbert, Primordial's president, is confident that equipping MTS with Ground Guidance will finally give soldiers the routing technology currently enjoyed by civilians, but better.  "We are focused on helping MTS users do their job more effectively, whether it is a motor transport operator tasked with keeping good speed and vehicle spacing, or a convoy commander rerouting an entire convoy around an IED on the fly."

Lieutenant Colonel Jeannette Jones, Product Manager (PM), MTS, sees widespread benefits of integrating Ground Guidance with her system.  "I am excited about what Ground Guidance can do, not just for MTS, but also for the entire Army. The  National Guard, in particular, could benefit stateside with Ground Guidance assisting with natural disaster recovery and Homeland Security."  According to LTC Jones, there are over 17,000 MTS devices fielded worldwide with almost 7,000 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Securing the MTS integration contract has allowed Primordial to ramp up in engineering manpower, though no amount of engineering expertise can replace the hard-won and invaluable feedback US Soldiers have provided to Primordial engineers during the development process.  "We have found user feedback absolutely critical to successful product delivery," said Milbert.  "We look forward to eliciting feedback from MTS users on Ground Guidance early and frequently during this project."  The integration effort will conclude in November of this year.

About Primordial

Primordial's flagship product, Ground Guidance, is patented software that determines best path routes through off-road terrain by analyzing land cover, elevation, and aerial photo databases. Ground Guidance Desktop generates routes that maximize speed or concealment, allowing mission planners to create fast or stealthy routes depending on the situation. Ground Guidance Handheld presents a moving map display on a pocket-sized GPS and overlays routes on aerial photos and topographic maps, allowing navigators to maintain critical situational awareness during mounted and dismounted movement. For more information, visit