Primordial Joins Innovation Center for Warfighter Systems

Primordial announced today it has joined forces with General Dynamics C4 Systems and other industry leaders in an unprecedented collaboration initiative called the EDGETM Innovation Network, which is designed to enhance the delivery cycle of warfighter technology and capabilities. Located in Scottsdale, Ariz., the EDGE provides an open environment and operating process for industry, academia and government to work together to bring cutting-edge technology to the tactical edge of the battlespace faster.

Joining the EDGE allows Primordial to accelerate delivery of its revolutionary off-road navigation software Ground GuidanceĀ® to warfighters. "Becoming a member of EDGE is a great opportunity for Primordial to expedite delivery of crucial capabilities like Ground Guidance to warfighters," said Primordial's president Randy Milbert. Primordial plans to use the EDGE to integrate Ground Guidance into the mission data support equipment used on warrior systems to accelerate the process of planning fast and concealed routes and to support rerouting on the fly. "I am excited to team up with General Dynamics C4 Systems and am looking forward to expanding our relationships with other members of EDGE," added Milbert.

The EDGE recently delivered an innovation to the U.S. Army's Land Warrior program that integrates an existing sniper detection system into Land Warrior allowing soldiers to identify and respond to sniper's shots within seconds. The Edge is actively monitoring more than 25 projects intended to improve and enhance warfighter capabilities. "By aligning the innovations of EDGE members with requests and feedback from warfighters and warfighting programs, we can deliver capabilities quickly that are relevant and responsive," said Richard Coupland, EDGE Innovation Network director. "Through its EDGE membership, Primordial will have access to next generation warrior systems that use standard commercial interfaces in an open framework for accessories that make it easier for government and industry to build the capability into warfighting gear."

The EDGE facility officially opened in December 2006 and has since enlisted 31 members. Those members recently joining the EDGE include: the University of Montana, Missoula, Mont.; the University of Missouri-College of Engineering, Columbia, Missouri; IRIS Technology Corporation, Irvine, Calif.; nFocus Software, Phoenix, Arizona; and Shotspotter, Inc., Mountain View, Calif. For more information about the EDGE, visit

About Primordial

Primordial's flagship product, Ground Guidance, is patented software that determines best path routes through off-road terrain by analyzing land cover, elevation, and aerial photo databases. Ground Guidance Desktop generates routes that maximize speed or concealment, allowing mission planners to create fast or stealthy routes depending on the situation. Ground Guidance Handheld presents a moving map display on a pocket-size GPS and overlays routes on aerial photos and topographic maps, allowing navigators to maintain critical situational awareness during mounted and dismounted movement. Web Site: