Primordial President to Speak at Joint Search and Rescue Conference

Primordial's president, Randy L. Milbert, will speak on Search and Rescue (SAR) Tech Demo Day at the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) Joint Search and Rescue (JSAR) conference on October 1, 2007. The conference, held at the Georgetown University Conference Center in Washington, D.C., will attract leaders in the search and rescue community, including personnel from the United States Air Force and Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA).

Conference goals include discussing interoperability issues and sharing lessons learned from recent operations. The first day of the conference will allow industry leaders such as Milbert to discuss emerging technologies designed to improve the process of locating and saving missing personnel. Titled "Revolutionary Off-Road Navigation Software", Milbert's talk will span one hour while educating the search and rescue community on how Primordial's revolutionary Ground GuidanceĀ® software helps personnel plan and navigate fast and concealed routes in off-road terrain.

After maturing Ground Guidance's feature set through recent contracts with the United States Army Topographic Engineering Center (TEC), Milbert is looking forward to leading discussion on Ground Guidance at this year's JSAR conference. "Ground Guidance is a revolutionary tool that could greatly benefit those in the search and rescue community," said Milbert. "We have been thinking about how to tailor Ground Guidance for searchers and rescuers. During my talk, I plan on unveiling some of these ideas, such as generating hasty, containment, or area routes and executing complex search patterns."

Primordial's president also indicated that recent user exposure to Ground Guidance has been overwhelmingly positive. "People get excited when they see what Ground Guidance can do, and they want to get their hands on it. I tell them that the best way to do that now is through our Primordial Insiders beta testing program. I will be signing up those interested during my stay in D.C.," explained Milbert.

Ground Guidance was designed to help personnel answer critical questions such as Where am I going? and What is the best way to get there? Unlike existing Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, Ground Guidance answers these questions by providing an all-terrain route planning tool that displays digital moving maps and overlays on a small handheld GPS computer. These capabilities allow personnel involved in hectic and disorienting search and rescue missions to dismount and maintain situational awareness through informed route planning and navigation.

About Primordial

Primordial's flagship product, Ground Guidance, is patented software that determines best path routes through off-road terrain by analyzing land cover, elevation, and aerial photo databases. Ground Guidance Desktop generates routes that maximize speed or concealment, allowing mission planners to create fast or stealthy routes depending on the situation. Ground Guidance Handheld presents a moving map display on a pocket-size GPS and overlays routes on aerial photos and topographic maps, allowing navigators to maintain critical situational awareness during mounted and dismounted movement. Web Site: