Primordial Awarded Targetry Control Contracts from Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell

Primordial is pleased to announce that it has been awarded more than $159,977.43 in contracts from Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell to develop their next generation of range control software, the RangeMaster 10K wireless and touch screen controllers.

Scott McEachron, a sales applications engineer at Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell, has been impressed with the work done so far by Primordial. "The deployment of RangeMaster 10K will herald a significant development in range management both for our law enforcement agencies and the military as a whole," he commented. "Efficient scoring from the ranges will lead to improvement in the fundamentals of core shooting by its intended users."

RangeMaster 10K Law Enforcement provides law enforcement officials with a completely redesigned wireless, touch screen user interface. This allows range officers, previously restricted to small range control rooms, to observe shooters from the firing line and yet retain complete control of range targetry. It also allows range officers to control and score firing ranges from the lanes themselves, a marked improvement over existing lane controls. As a result, these range officers can devote more time to core shooting fundamentals rather than range management. The system also minimizes the paperwork required to track an individual's progress over multiple shooting sessions. As a result, RangeMaster 10K Law Enforcement has been well received by law enforcement officials after being successfully deployed at the Milwaukee Police Academy in Wisconsin and the Maple Grove Law Enforcement Training Center in Minnesota.

RangeMaster 10K Military, an extension of RangeMaster 10K Law Enforcement, will also give soldiers the ability to control and score firing ranges from the lanes themselves, as opposed to the restrictions of a small range room. Due to the larger area and increased target count in most military firing ranges, RangeMaster 10K Military will feature a completely redesigned user interface and support for complex target actuations and scenarios. RangeMaster 10K Military will also support three dimensional aerial range views, training simulators, report generation, and compliance with Small Arms Readiness and Training Section (SARTS) requirements.

Primordial targeted two wireless touch screen computers for deployment of RangeMaster 10K: personal digital assistants (PDAs) and tablet personal computers (PCs). The larger tablet PC provides a graphical depiction of the firing range, while the smaller PDA provides full range control in a handheld, grab and go package.

About Primordial

Primordial's flagship product, Primordial Soldier, is patented software that overlays tactical cues in a soldier's helmet-mounted display presenting routing information and combat identification to soldiers as they traverse a battlefield. Primordial's Ground Guidance product is patented software that determines best path routes through off-road terrain. The software automatically generates a path utilizing land cover, elevation, and aerial databases, guiding an individual to any designated destination. Web site:

About Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell

Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell is the worldwide leader in firearms training equipment and services. It specializes in designing and manufacturing stationary and mobile ground target equipment and controls for small arms and armor training required by the armed forces, law enforcement agencies and the security industry worldwide. Meggitt was founded in 1926, with about 10,000 ranges world wide. It is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a staff of 150. Web site: