Primordial Awarded Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle Contract from United States Government

Primordial is pleased to announce that it has secured a Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle (LTATV) contract from United States Government for $389,377.07.

According to government personnel, ''The incorporation of Ground Guidance into our LTATVs would not only enhance our pursuit of non-conventional adversaries, but also give our soldiers a distinct advantage in navigating potentially hazardous off-road routes.''

Primordial has created a true off-road navigation system that generates best path routes through unknown off-road terrain. This off-road navigation software is called Ground Guidance.

Ground Guidance randomized patrols result in variable routes that keep insurgents guessing. Its high-resolution aerial overlays provide unmatched situational awareness. In addition, it runs on existing hardware platforms and provides tactical routes to marines and soldiers around known battlefield obstacles such as minefields and enemy strongholds cordoned off by a commander.

Ground Guidance is protected by United States Patent 6,963,800 (''Routing Soldiers Around Enemy Attacks and Battlefield Obstructions'') and pending patent applications (''Method and System for Generating and Presenting Off-Road Travel Routes'' and ''Method and System for Providing Off-Road Guidance'').

This LTATV contract will enable the Primordial software to be further developed in an effort to make it one step closer to a fieldable solution.

Ground Guidance may benefit soldiers by augmenting their decision making by providing information about navigation options in unfamiliar, rugged, off-road terrain. The objective is to ensure safer, quicker, and stealthier navigation.

In addition, Ground Guidance may aid a soldier in arriving at a destination along operationally optimal routes, such as along ridge lines, through forested areas, along rivers, or through rugged terrain. Its versatility will be an indispensable navigational aid during night operations, with audible cues for directional guidance.

Primordial will conduct a user jury with soldiers to elicit their feedback on Ground Guidance and learn how to adapt the software to meet their requirements. Primordial will then update Ground Guidance based on the specifications and recommendations of users.

In addition, Primordial will deliver evaluation units to support the execution of a Ground Guidance evaluation. This includes rugged handheld computers, mounting brackets, and Ground Guidance software.

About Primordial

Primordial is the leader in vision system software for soldiers. Primordial's flagship product, Primordial Soldier, is patented software that overlays tactical cues in a soldier's helmet-mounted display presenting routing information and combat identification to soldiers as they traverse a battlefield.  Primordial's Ground Guidance product is patented software that determines best path routes through off-road terrain. The software automatically generates a path utilizing land cover, elevation, and aerial databases, guiding an individual to any designated destination.