Primordial Awarded Geographically-Enabled Augmented Reality System (GEARS) Contracts

Primordial is pleased to announce that it has been awarded more than $848,000 in contracts from the United States Army Engineer Research and Development Center's Topographic Engineering Center (TEC), Alexandria, Virginia, to develop a geographically-enabled augmented reality system for dismounted soldiers.

These contracts will enable Primordial to advance the development of its vision software product which overlays tactical cues in a soldier's helmet-mounted display. This flagship product, designed for the U.S. Army's Land Warrior system, is called Primordial Soldier.

Primordial Soldier is designed to leverage the Land Warrior's software framework by converting overhead maps into augmented reality views. For example, instead of displaying spot reports as text messages, Primordial Soldier displays an arrow pointing toward a reported enemy's location.

Primordial Soldier includes Ground Guidance ® for directing soldiers to targets while avoiding obstacles and Unit Detection for differentiating friend from foe in a soldier's mounted display thereby reducing the potential for friendly fire. The software also enables soldiers to report the positions of enemy units, thereby exposing them to others who may be unable to see them due to camouflage, obstacles, or distance. From an operational standpoint, Unit Detection eliminates the need for interrogators and transponders as it leverages information already broadcast by soldiers to identify units on the battlefield.

Primordial Soldier is the subject of United States Patent Application 10/249,761 ("Differentiating Friend From Foe and Assessing Threats in a Soldier's Head-Mounted Display") filed on May 10, 2002. Ground Guidance ® is protected by one issued patent -- United States Patent 6,963,800: "Routing Soldiers Around Enemy Attacks and Battlefield Obstructions". It is also the subject of two pending patent applications -- United States Application 20060116814: "Method and System for Generating and Presenting Off-Road Travel Routes" and "Routing Soldiers Around Enemy Attacks and Battlefield Obstructions".

The first phase of this contract is designed to improve a soldier's situational awareness on a battlefield by displaying tactical geospatial intelligence in a head-mounted display (HMD) and on a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The system will improve the soldier's navigational and organizational abilities by labeling buildings, providing routing guidance, and tracking the locations of friendly forces. The PDA will display digital maps of the battlefield and serve as the soldier's interface to the software, allowing him to automatically generate travel routes and easily add and use tactical geospatial intelligence on his maps.

The second phase of this contract will seek to improve upon the Phase I prototype by providing multiple modes of operation, advanced routing abilities, sophisticated labeling techniques, reliable security features, additional networking services, and improved hardware. These features will be incorporated into a Phase II prototype system. We will then test and demonstrate this new Primordial Soldier prototype.

About the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)

The ERDC is the premier research and development facility for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It consists of seven laboratories at four geographical sites, with more than 2,000 employees, $1.2 billion in facilities, and an annual research program approaching $700 million. It conducts research in both military and civil works mission areas for the Department of Defense and the nation.

About Primordial

Primordial's flagship product, Primordial Soldier, is patented software that overlays tactical cues in a soldier's helmet-mounted display presenting routing information and combat identification to soldiers as they traverse a battlefield. Primordial's Ground Guidance ® product is patented software that determines best path routes through off-road terrain. The software automatically generates a path utilizing land cover, elevation, and aerial databases, guiding an individual to any designated destination. For more information, call (651) 659-6762 or visit