Primordial Secures Minnesota Defense's Annual Investment

Primordial, the leader in vision system software for soldiers, recently secured a recurring $100,000.00 annual investment from Minnesota Defense.

Primordial was founded to develop integrated vision system software for use in soldier systems and combat vehicles. "Primordial is a great asset to Minnesota Defense," said Paul Wagner, president and CEO of Minnesota Defense, a subsidiary of Minnesota Wire & Cable Co. "The organization encompasses the forward-thinking goals of technology in the defense industry."

"Through this venture, Primordial will seek to enhance its current products and develop new technology that aids soldiers on today's battlefield," said Randy L. Milbert, president of Primordial. "We also plan on using these funds to expand our portfolio of applications for first responders such as officers and firefighters."

With the additional funding, Primordial will invest in further developing its software system that routes soldiers to destinations while avoiding enemy attacks and battlefield obstructions. This technology helps soldiers plan strategic routes and evade dangerous areas, such as minefields, secured by the commander. It automatically detects obstructions constructed by the enemy and frees commanders from issuing turn-by-turn directions. In addition, Primordial will use the funds to purchase testing hardware and perform comprehensive fightability assessments.

About Minnesota Defense

Minnesota Defense is a division of Minnesota Wire & Cable Co., which designs and manufactures innovative interconnect solutions since 1968. With in-house facilities supporting engineering, quick-turn tooling manufacturing, and verification/validation testing, Minnesota Defense contributes from design to delivery and supports programs in all branches of the military including Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, as well as Homeland Defense. For more information, call (800) 258-6922 or visit

About Primordial

Primordial is the leader in vision system software for soldiers, officers, and firefighters.   Primordial's flagship product, Primordial Soldier, is designed for soldier systems such as the Land Warrior and Future Force Warrior.  Primordial equips troops with capabilities (e.g. target locking, battlefield routing, and threat assessment) that were once limited to tank operators and fighter pilots.  For more information, call (651) 395-6200 or visit