Primordial's President Speaks at Future Soldier Conference in London

Primordial's President Randy Milbert spoke today at SMI's 3rd Annual Future Soldier Conference in London, England. The conference aimed to assess current soldiering systems, identify requirements for future soldier systems, and present soldier modernization programs currently in development.

As one of sixteen speakers invited to present to an international audience of military experts, Milbert covered past, present, and future vision system software for soldiers including Primordial's patent pending Unit Detection and Ground Guidance® technologies. Milbert's speech was warmly received by members of the world's leading soldier modernization programs. In attendance were representatives from the Future Force Warrior (United States), FIST (United Kingdom), FELIN (France), and Wundurra (Australia) projects.

"It was an honor speaking before the Future Soldier Conference's distinguished delegates," said Milbert. "Primordial is pleased to be on the forefront of initiatives to assist soldiers in urban environments. Our solutions for routing troops around combat obstacles and differentiating friend from foe in a soldier's head-mounted display address problems that plague dismounted infantry on the battlefield. Few things are as rewarding as contributing to the protection of our soldiers."

Other speakers included Cynthia Blackwell (Human Performance and Training/MANPRINT, Future Force Warrior Technology Program Office), Stephan Pattoni (Deputy Project Director, FIST Prime Contract Management Office, Thales), and LTC Koos Meijer (Deputy Chairman, Topical Group 1, NAAG, NATO).

About Primordial

Primordial is the leader in vision system software for soldiers.  Primordial's flagship product is designed for soldier systems such as the Land Warrior and Objective Force Warrior.  Primordial equips troops with capabilities (e.g. target locking, battlefield routing, and threat assessment) that were once limited to tank operators and fighter pilots.  For more information, visit