Primordial Presents to Future Force Warrior Team at General Dynamics

Primordial's President Randy Milbert demonstrated the company's vision system software to the Future Force Warrior (FFW) team at General Dynamics Eagle Enterprise (GDEE) today.

The three hour demonstration took place at GDEE's facility in Owings Mills, MD.  Those in attendance included representatives from the following FFW integrated project teams (IPTs):

  • Soldier Machine Interface (SMI)
  • Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment System (SPIES)
  • Processing, Network & Radio Hardware (PN&R HW)
  • Power & Energy (P&E)
  • Soldier Borne Systems Integration Team (SBS)
  • Manpower and Personnel Integration (MANPRINT)
  • User and Operational Effectiveness Team (UOET)
  • Systems Engineering Team (SET)   

About Primordial

Primordial is the leader in vision system software for soldiers.  Primordial's flagship product is designed for soldier systems such as the Land Warrior and Objective Force Warrior.  Primordial equips troops with capabilities (e.g. target locking, battlefield routing, and threat assessment) that were once limited to tank operators and fighter pilots.  For more information, visit