Primordial and Minnesota Defense Form Joint Venture to Broaden Soldier System Offerings

Primordial and Minnesota Defense announced today a joint venture that will expand each company's soldier system offerings to include a wearable interconnect system and an innovative vision system.  The joint venture aims to accelerate the integration of these products into soldier systems such as the Land Warrior and Objective Force Warrior.

"Primordial's technology is critical to saving lives and putting soldier safety first," said Paul J. Wagner, President/CEO, Minnesota Defense.  "We are proud to play a role in bringing to our soldiers an advanced vision system that will reduce friendly fire and facilitate battlefield coordination."

Minnesota Defense provided a $2 million wearable interconnect system for the Land Warrior.  The system passed rigorous trials including 3-meter, 1-hour submersion and MIL-STD-810F vibration/shock tests.  The US Army acquired more than 150 systems, each with 21 cable assemblies.  Army Rangers subjected the systems to field testing in the United States and Afghanistan.  For its test successes, Minnesota Defense received praise from high-ranking military officials.

While integrating the Land Warrior's wearable interconnect system, Minnesota Defense established relationships with several defense contractors.  These organizations will provide integration points for, and benefit from, Primordial's innovative vision system.  The joint venture aims to realize this potential.

As part of the joint venture, Minnesota Defense will promote Primordial's products and provide the company with funding and facilities.  In addition, Primordial's President, Randy L. Milbert, will join Minnesota Defense as the company's Chief Technology Officer.  In this capacity, he will spearhead Minnesota Defense's efforts to leverage nanotechnology in producing a wearable, rugged interconnect system with unmatched EMI/RFI protection.

The Land Warrior integrates small arms with high-tech equipment enabling ground forces to deploy, fight, and win on the battlefields of the 21st century.

Minnesota Defense is a division of Minnesota Wire & Cable Co. (MWCC).  MWCC has 160 employees and $14 million annual revenue.

About Minnesota Defense

Minnesota Defense is a division of Minnesota Wire & Cable Co. (MWCC).  Founded in 1968, MWCC has 160 employees, 60,000 square feet of facilities, and $14 million annual revenue.  Minnesota Defense developed Soldier Interconnect 1.0--a wearable electrical interconnect system--for the currently fielded Land Warrior.  For more information, visit

About Primordial

Primordial is the leader in vision system software for soldiers.  Primordial's flagship product is designed for soldier systems such as the Land Warrior and Objective Force Warrior.  Primordial equips troops with capabilities (e.g. target locking, battlefield routing, and threat assessment) that were once limited to tank operators and fighter pilots.  For more information, visit