Primordial Establishes Saint Paul Headquarters

Primordial announced today that the company has established its headquarters at 1835 Energy Park Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55108. Primordial's new location provides close access to defense contactors such as General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and Alliant Techsystems (ATK). Each company has offices that are less than 30 minutes from Primordial's building.

Primordial's offices are housed in Minnesota Defense's 28,000 square foot development center, adjacent to the Saint Paul Saints Midway Stadium. By sharing office space with Minnesota Defense, Primordial gains access to the personnel, equipment, and laboratories that enabled Minnesota Defense to successfully contribute to the US Army's Land Warrior program. In addition, Primordial's employees have daily access to the company's Minnesota Defense advisors.

Less than 15 minutes from the University of Minnesota--with the third largest research and development program in the United States--and downtown Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Primordial's headquarters is located in the heart of Minnesota's entertainment and business center.

About Primordial

Primordial is the leader in vision system software for soldiers. Primordial's flagship product is designed for soldier systems such as the Land Warrior and Objective Force Warrior. Primordial equips troops with capabilities (e.g. target locking, battlefield routing, and threat assessment) that were once limited to tank operators and fighter pilots. For more information, visit