Primordial Integrates Ground Guidance® Software into FalconView

Primordial’s Ground Guidance® software will enable mounted and dismounted soldiers using FalconView to rapidly plan fast and concealed routes, avoid chokepoints, and identify potential ambush locations

Primordial today announced that it received a $590,365 contract through the Defense Acquisition Challenge (DAC) to integrate Ground Guidance® into FalconView, a critical military system currently installed on more than 14,000 government-issued laptops. The effort will provide soldiers with interactive route planning capabilities within FalconView.

Primordial began the integration and development effort in December 2012. The one-year contract includes integrating Ground Guidance capability into FalconView, generating routable maps to facilitate testing, and updating the software based on soldier feedback resulting from three user juries. “Ground Guidance’s automated route planning and terrain analysis features will accelerate mission planning and enable soldiers to evaluate courses of action (COAs) more thoroughly,” says Lieutenant Colonel Rodney Briggman, US Army Product Manager.

In March, Primordial released a beta version of its FalconView plug-in. In April, Primordial conducted a user jury in which six soldiers tested the plug-in planning missions. The soldiers provided feedback on Ground Guidance’s features and verified the accuracy of route metrics such as distance, duration, energy expenditure, calories burned, and exhaustion.

“Ground Guidance is a unique mission planning tool that enables soldiers on the ground to rapidly plan routes and analyze terrain. There is no need for complex GIS software or expertise,” says Randy Milbert, president of Primordial. “This makes small combat teams more autonomous, nimble, and adaptable and enables them to quickly respond to changing battlefield conditions.”

Enhancements under the contract include advanced planning tools such as recommending avenues of approach, suggesting halt locations, avoiding historic improvised explosive device (IED)/significant activity (SIGACT) locations, recommending equipment, and warning of ambush locations.

This partnership will advance the use and availability of Ground Guidance to soldiers in the field. The integration with FalconView will provide soldiers with the capability to plan efficient and safe routes to and from mission objectives, while allowing them to account for other variables such as load, energy expenditure, enemy movement, and line of sight exposure.

About Primordial

Founded in 2002 and based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Primordial is a leader in off-route planning and terrain analysis software for the United States military and consumer applications. Primordial’s flagship product, Ground Guidance®, is patented software that determines the best path through off-road terrain by analyzing vegetation, terrain, threats, and man-made features. Primordial’s customers include the United States Army, United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, DARPA, General Dynamics, Rockwell Collins, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. For more information, please visit