Ground Guidance®

Ground GuidanceGround Guidance is patented software that plans fast and concealed routes on- and off-road for dismounted and mounted soldiers.  Primordial developed Ground Guidance under contracts with the Army Geospatial Center, Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center, Product Manager Movement Tracking System, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering.

The success of Ground Guidance earned Primordial a Tibbetts award from the Small Business Innovation Research office in 2012.  Ground Guidance is currently fielded as integrations into the following platforms: ATAK, WinTAK, Nett Warrior, FalconView, XPlan, and TerraExplorer.

What products are available?

  • Ground Guidance SDK. Ground Guidance SDK is a cross platform library compiled via Xamarin and runs on Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux

What can it do?

  • Fast route. Ground Guidance generates the fastest route between two points.
  • Movement projection. Movement projection enables one to predict the likely location of an entity (e.g. a downed pilot or sniper fleeing an area) given a last known location, travel duration, and transportation mode.
  • Urban routing. In addition to routing in mountainous and woodland terrain, Ground Guidance supports urban routing.
  • Alternate routes. Ground Guidance supports planning any number of alternate routes between two points.  This facilitates planning primary, alternate, contingent, and emergency (PACE) routes before or during a mission.
  • Intervisibility. Ground Guidance analyzes man-made and natural features to calculate accurate view sheds.  Ground Guidance is unique in that it incorporates an optical vegetation penetration model to perform its analysis.
  • Randomized routes. Ground Guidance supports generating randomized routes to reduce predictability during patrols and commutes.
  • Multi-resolution routing. To achieve rapid rerouting on resource-constrained handheld platforms, Primordial developed a patent-pending multi-resolution routing algorithm that starts with a coarse map and refines routes over time.
  • Differential routing. In addition to fast and concealed routes, Ground Guidance supports maximizing relative advantage along a route.  
    Route check.  Similar to Microsoft Word’s spell check, Ground Guidance’s route check highlights potential dangers along a route (e.g. steep terrain, marshy areas, and exposed positions).

What maps are available?

Ground Guidance Map ServerPrimordial's Ground Guidance map server makes it easy to download maps on demand with 3 simple steps:

  1. Zoom to a location
  2. Draw a bounding box
  3. Download the map

Primordial's map server software can be used on a local server or on a public facing website. The server is pre-populated with the elevation and land cover data data needed to generate a Ground Guidance route-able map.

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