Ooze is a cloud-hosted platform that leverages a global, crowd-sourced workforce to digitize, extract, and annotate geographic information system (GIS) data. Ideal for reducing costs, augmenting staff, and efficiently maintaining data, Ooze provides a way to do more without breaking your budget.

The following are some examples of how Ooze can be used:

  • Extract roads, trails, water bodies, and other land-cover
  • Digitize boundaries or building foot prints
  • Measure tree height or identify species
  • Classify vegetation or crops
  • Inventory physical objects such as fire hydrants, light poles, parking meters, or road signs
  • Annotate features
  • Review existing data for quality and completeness
  • Create maps of private property or campuses

How does it work?

Clients and Analysts work together to create maps, geographic inventories, and other kinds of GIS data. Anyone can register as both a Client or Analysts. As a Client, you post jobs and specify what you are willing to pay for each task. Once a job is posted, a call to action is sounded to our global workforce, notifying them about a new job. Analysts log on and get to work. As a client you can monitor your job in real-time, to see how quickly work is completed. You can download completed tasks to verify and review the work at anytime.

As an Analyst, you get paid for the work you perform. There are several kinds of tasks, such as drawing boundaries or trails, identifying or measuring trees, or typing attributes about what you see in each view. Each task is peer-reviewed. This means Analysts like yourself will review each others work. Review tasks are presented with a "pass" or "fail" option. You can provide feedback on a review to help your fellow analysts.

What if I need help?

The Ooze Forum provides a supportive environment to ask questions and share your expertise. Primordial staff is available here as well to answer questions. This is a good way to connect with fellow Analysts.

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