To promote continuous learning at Primordial, we established a monthly technical seminar series called Odyssey.  Each month, a software engineer selects a topic, prepares a presentation and hands-on activity, and then presents the material to the company.  Here are details:


Odyssey: an extended, wandering journey of adventure or quest


  • Promote continuous learning
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Have fun


  • Every fourth Wednesday at noon, someone will give a seminar on a technical topic
  • We will order lunch for everyone
  • There will be a presentation followed by a hands-on activity

Odyssey: A*

Kyle Estes gave an Odyssey presentation on A*

Odyssey: OpenGL

Erik Freed gave an Odyssey presentation on OpenGL

Odyssey: Performance Profiling

Randy Milbert gave an Odyssey presentation on performance profiling