Ground Guidance displays a view shed that indicates the areas that are visible from a specified location.  Several existing programs analyze elevation to construct a view shed, but only Ground Guidance also takes vegetation into account.

Fast Route

Ground Guidance plans a fast route through mountainous terrain near Camp Billy Machen, Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Desert Training Facility, Niland, California

Falcon View Integration

Ground Guidance plans an off-road route in the Falcon View application that Special Forces soldiers use for mission planning.  No longer limited to planning straight-line routes, Ground Guidance enables soldiers to rapidly plan fast and concealed routes.

Concealed Route

Ground Guidance plans a concealed route at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  Whereas fast routes prefer roads, trails, and fields, concealed routes avoid them like the plague.  Instead, concealed routes leverage topographic features and vegetation to minimize exposure to potential threats.

Avoid Threat

Ground Guidance dynamically reroutes when a soldier plots a reported improvised explosive device (IED) on a map.  Ground Guidance automatically avoids threats such as enemy units and mortar tubes.

Avoid Cordon

Ground Guidance plans an off-road route that avoids a hand-drawn cordon