Urban Concealment

Ground Guidance plans a concealed off-road route in Sadr City, Iraq.  Whereas a fast route uses major roads, a concealed route weaves in and out of buildings, minimizing a soldier's exposure to potential threats.

Unit Prediction

Ground Guidance indicates how far a lost individual on foot could travel in thirty minutes from a starting point in Hillsdale, Minnesota.  The shape of the area depends on the selected transportation mode (e.g. on-foot, all-terrain vehicle, Jeep, or marine).  Unit Prediction is designed for search and rescue (SAR) personnel who can use this information to select locations for checkpoints and lookouts.

Topographic Map

Ground Guidance generates an off-road route at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and overlays it on a topographic map.  Ground Guidance can overlay a route on any type of map.

Sniper Killed

Ground Guidance directs a convoy to a sniper's location at the McKenna military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) site in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Shot Detected

Ground Guidance redirects a convoy to a sniper's location upon receiving a coordinate from BBN Technologies's Boomerang shot detection system.

Route Check

Ground Guidance analyzes a straight-line route planned by a user and highlights areas impassable due to slope and water.  If prompted by the user, Ground Guidance will replan the route to avoid these obstacles.

On-Road Route

Ground Guidance is unique in its ability to plan off-road routes, but it can also plan on-road routes like Google Maps and MapQuest.  This on-road route is at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

Multiple Routes

Ground Guidance enables users to plan multiple routes and to switch among them while navigating.  Soldiers often plan four routes labeled primary, alternate, contingent, and emergency (PACE).

Mountainous Route

Ground Guidance plans a fast route that avoids mountainous areas near Camp Billy Machen, Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Desert Training Facility, Niland, California.  A straight-line route with the same starting and ending points is impassable.