Ground Guidance Route Selection

Ground Guidance Load Planning

Primordial Ground Guidance route for Polaris ATV in Asadabad, Afghanistan

This is a route generated by Primordial's Ground Guidance software for a Polaris all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in Asadabad, Afghanistan.  Ground Guidance colored the route based on difficulty—green segments are easiest, yellow segments are intermediate, and red segments are hardest.

Primordial's UAV auto router in Asadabad, Afghanistan

This video demonstrates Primordial's UAV auto router, which is part of AGI's Components Library. The auto router plans an efficient UAV path from a launch point to a recovery point, visiting target points and exhaustively searching target areas while avoiding restricted airspace. This is a sample application that uses the Primordial's UAV auto router library.

Initially, the application displays a route planner dialog. The user may select an input file specifying the launch point, recovery point, target points, target areas, and restricted airspace. In addition, the user may select an output file for saving the generated UAV route, elevation data for the area of interest, launch and recovery angles in degrees, a turn radius in meters, a cruising altitude in meters, and a maximum viewing distance in meters.

After generating the route, the application displays the user-specified inputs as well as the automatically generated UAV route. In this case, the inputs are in Asadabad, Afghanistan. They include a launch point in green, a recovery point in red, five target points in yellow, one target area in yellow, and two restricted areas in red. The auto router generated the UAV route in blue. This 1,800 kilometer route will take the Scan Eagle 20 hours to complete at its cruising speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

At this point, this sample application enables a user to pan and zoom the map, press f to start or stop a flythrough, or press escape to exit the application.

Tentacle: Arriving at Work

Tentacle: Downed Pilot

Tentacle: Idle Alert

Tentacle: Live Search

Ground Guidance: Route Analysis and Selection

In this demonstration, Ground Guidance simultaneously plans pedestrian, constant power, least energy off-road routes.  It presents each route's distance (miles), duration (minutes), and energy (kilocalories).  Before planning a route, the user may edit its maximum effort (kilocalories per hour), load weight (pounds), maximum slope (degrees), and body weight (pounds).  After planning a route, the user may analyze each route's effort (kilocalories per hour), elevation (feet), footing, slope (degrees), and speed (miles per hour).