Ground Guidance Overview

Primordial's president, Randy Milbert, provides a Ground Guidance overview including on- and off-road route planning, intervisibility analysis, and unit prediction

Como Park Flythrough

Ground Guidance routes an individual through Como Park

Yuma Proving Ground Flythrough

Ground Guidance routes an all terrain vehicle (ATV) off-road at Yuma Proving Ground (YPG)

Indoor Tracking

Ground Guidance routes an individual through a building using a Vectronix Personal Navigation Module (PNM)

Ground Guidance Floodwater

Ground Guidance routing a Polaris Sportsman X2 using a Road Mate 2000 through a forest in Floodwater, Minnesota

Primordial Soldier Usability Study

Primordial tests its vision system software at the Splat Tag paintball facility near Hudson, Wisconsin

Ground Guidance Routes to Sniper's Location

Primordial integrated Ground Guidance with BBN Technologies' Boomerang sniper detection system. In this video, Ground Guidance routes to a shooter's location in McKenna military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) site at Fort Benning.

Ground Guidance for Ovi Maps

See a demo of Ground Guidance running on a Nokia N97. The application is built using Nokia's new 'Apps on Maps' technology.

Primordial talks about Ground Guidance for Ovi

Clay Babcock, Primordial's Vice President of Marketing, talks about building applications for Nokia's Ovi platform